Snow Day Projects

Snow Days make me think I have time to tackle all kinds of projects that I normally wouldn't be able to accomplish.  I mean I am stuck at home...I need to do something productive...right?  Here is what we accomplished...

Decorating the Christmas Tree..
Ethan was such a big helper.  I think he really just wanted to climb the ladder.
 Clara either threw the ornament at the tree (hoping it would stay) or she would take off something Ethan had already put on the tree.
We finished! 

Bet you can't guess who put this little collection together. 

Felt Christmas Tree for the kids.

The front door.  Okay, so I did this by myself during nap time.

Painted our very own Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle ornaments.  We made two sets.  One for us and one for the wonderful Chris Mort who introduced us (Ethan) to all that is Ninja Turtles!

Yes, my children are in their pajamas in every picture.  We stayed in our jammies all day for three days straight.  We did take baths and put on clean jammies everyday...I promise!

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