Clara Jane - 15 Months

Clara's 15 month checkup was today.  She weighed in at 23 lbs. and 6 oz. (75th percentile) and 31 1/2 inches long (80th percentile). 
Waiting for her check up.

 Checking out the "fish".
After falling asleep in the car on the way home, she was still willing to help empty the dishwasher!

Check out my necklace from the treasure box at the doctor's office!

Back to School

Today we start another school - teaching 9th grade Algebra, PAP Algebra, and PAP Geometry....and Ethan - off to Pre-K. 
Not quite awake yet!

Tasty breakfast - courtesy of Daddy.

Check out those neon shoelaces.

Showing off the dinosaur backpack!

Sister wasn't quite ready to get up either.

All smiles with Daddy!

And Mommy!
"Ethan is having a great day!"  - Courtesy of his sweet teacher
So this Mommy had a few tears, but I did manage to get back to my car and out of the parking lot.  Speaking to a co-worker (who dropped off a student in Ethan's class and a 5th grader), it doesn't appear to get easier....just different worries.