More Snow...

Here are some pictures from the big snow we had last week....yes, that was just last week. Today the high was in the 70s.

Check out all the snow in the front yard.

Ethan on the snow saucer!

Looks like Jason is doing all the work, walking Choxie and pulling Ethan. Note I say looks like...Choxie walks technically she was doing all the work!

Ethan pulling the snow saucer. He is very independent sometimes.

Trying to catch snowflakes!

The snow angel!!

Cousins Rock!!

I know it's hard to believe, being January (or February), but January 29th the high around here was in the 70s. We took Ethan to the park and for a walk around the neighborhood in the wagon. But more importantly, he got to show off his new short sleeve t-shirt from Aunt Lou and Uncle Charles. "Cousins Rock" - because he is going to be the best cousin ever for Baby Te!!

Here is the first picture of Ethan's new cousin!!!

Snow Days.....

January 10th - School let out early and we played in the snow.
View from the front door.

Ethan riding in the wagon he got for Christmas!

Watching something...probably the neighborhood cat.

February 1st - Ice....yuck!
The sidewalk from the house to the street.

Ethan in his pjs (our attire for two days). Going to get the mail.

February 4th - School let out early for snow...again!
Snow Saucer from Grammy and Papa!

Pulling it himself.

That didn't last long...its much more fun for mommy to run around the yard pulling the saucer!


Eating the snow!