Surprise......Arts and Crafts

Aunt Leslie sent Ethan a box from Kiwi Crate (  The theme for this particular box was Safari related.  There were animals to punch out and stamp designs on and a build your own jeep. 


The projects were easy and fun.  Ethan did all the work while following my directions (with the exception of attaching the wheels). 

The jeep had to "sleep" with Ethan.  I hope it is in one piece in the morning!

First Day of Preschool

Ethan started Preschool today.  Where does the time go?  While sitting at a stop sign this morning, I glanced back and realized he isn't a baby anymore.  He looked so BIG! 

Breakfast:  Pancakes and Milk courtesy of daddy.  (That hair!)

All dressed for school.  Check out those bright blue shoes! 

The Rocket Ship backpack.

A picture with mommy.  (Look no tears!) 

And one with daddy.

I dropped him off this morning on my way to my first day of school this year.  He gave me a kiss, went into his classroom, put his backpack away and left me at the door.  I'm not sure he even knew I left the room.  I managed to hold on to my tears until I got out of the building and had myself pulled back together before I got to school.  What is the first day of kindergarten going to be like?

Jason and I picked him up from school.  He was excited to see us, but still wanted to keep playing on the playground.  He didn't say much in the car on the way home (I thought he was going to fall asleep).  It must have been a successful day, because he wants to go back tomorrow!

Brotherly Love

I wouldn't say Ethan is thrilled about having a little sister, but he is at least not asking us to take her back.  He doesn't like to hear her cry (he covers his ears).  The last few weeks he has been more curious (maybe because she doesn't sleep all the time).

Grammy bought him a magnifying glass because he was fasinated with one at pre-school open house.  Here he is checking out baby Clara.

And another one.

Coloring beside her on the floor.

I had to include this picture.  He is sitting in the bumbo.  It was hilarious watching him try to remove himself from it!