We flew to Florida!
Airport entertainment...the car at DFW and the castle at XNA.  Of course we had to be delayed.  That seems to be a normal occurrence when flying in or out of DFW.

 Ethan on the airplane....he LOVED it!

View from our balcony! 

The three "Nemos" were part of the decor. 
Ethan drug them all over the condo and slept with all of them.

Enjoying the beach!

We rented bikes.  They have an 18 mile bike path that runs down 30A.  Ethan loved to "Bi-cycle", so much that he even napped one day.  (Yes, that is a pink helmet!  The bikes were delivered to our condo while we were on the beach.  Ethan didn't mind.) 

 A park outside of Alys Beach had this random hill and a path that wrapped around it.

Ethan at the top yelling "Super" as in Superman!