5 Years Old

5 years ago, we welcomed this sweet angel into our lives.
Today was an all day celebration......
 Candle in his muffin for breakfast.
 Celebrating with shark cookies with friends at school.
 Dinner at Fuji.
Cupcake and singing at Fuji.
A wonderful (but fast) five years.  Ethan is energetic, loving, and loves all things "boy" (dinosaurs, cars, ninja turtles, planes, legos, etc.).

Swords, and Shields, and Dragons! Oh my!

We celebrated Ethan's 5th birthday party with a Knights and Dragons themed party!  He had a blast celebrating with family, school friends, and church friends.  We were all covered in dirt when it was all done - but everyone seemed to have a great time!  Here are a few pictures:

Party favors - shields, balloon swords, and "piƱata" helmets.

Fabulous cookies from Cupcake Kisses! (They matched the invitation perfectly!)

 Even the big kids got in on the action (Uncle Charles)!

Little sister got her turn too -thanks to cousin Tara!