Big Brother

Ethan is preparing to be a Big Brother. 
 Baby Hurst is due May 10th!

Fun Filled October....Halloween Party!

The Johnson's and the Vick's hosted a Halloween Party for the kids! 
Super Ethan!

Flying around the yard!

Trying on someone's costume!

 Wrap the mummy!

"Poop the Pumpkin".  Ethan didn't get the concept of carrying it between your knees and dropping it in the plastic pumpkin, but he had a great time running it back and forth!

Fun filled October.....Wild Things Farm!

Our annual trip to Wild Things Farm...

Ethan sliding down a HUGE mulch pile!

Grammy did it too!

Starting the Corn Maze.

Picking a pumpkin.

Racing pigs.

Petting a pig.

Checking out the goats. Yes, he was trying to kiss it!

Milking a "cow".

Gentry Zoo

We went with the Symonds family to the drive thru zoo in Gentry one Sunday in September.

 They also have a petting zoo.

Ethan and the girls!

I guess he thought I had something to feed him!

This monkey was about the size of my hand and was wearing a tiny diaper!

Couldn't resist taking a picture of this sign!

Riding the Tractor

Ethan's birthday present from Grammy and Papa!
He loves driving it!!

And showing Baby Wills how it works!

  When he isn't in it, the cat sleeps in the back of it.