Busy Saturday....

Mom and I took Ethan to the Heritage Festival downtown Fort Smith. 
Taking a picture in the Stagecoach. 

Hugging his price from the Fishing Pond.  One of the local Girl Scout Troops sponsored games at IC church.

Riding the bus on our tour of downtown.

Talking to...and feeding the camel at the petting zoo at Pendergraft Park. 

Talking on the phone at the Fort Smith Museum of History.

Riding in a covered wagon with Grammy.

After a lunch, a nap, and daddy's return from golf, we went to see the DINOSAURS!!  The event took place at the Phoenix Expo Center. 
 I don't know what kind of dinosaur this is, but I'm sure Ethan can tell you.

 Pretending to be eaten by a T-Rex!

Riding another T-Rex.

Easter 2012

 Decorating Easter Eggs
 The results.....
 Loot from the Easter Bunny!

 Hunting eggs at Grammy and Papa's house.

 Sporting the cool shades he got from the Easter Bunny.

 The three year old trouble makers (Arin, Ethan & Mason)...they had so much fun hunting eggs and blowing bubbles!

 Don't forget baby Maddox!

Papa and Ethan.

Our little family!

Baby Shower Times Three

Baby Shower #1:
My sweet sister (Leslie) and fabulous friend (Suzanne) threw a baby shower for the upcoming arrival of baby Clara.  Here are few pictures from the event:

 Tasty treats - tea, lemonade, angel food cake and strawberry skewers, cupcakes, dipped rice krispie treats, cream cheese mints, raspberry dark chocolate meringues, and melt away cookies.

Clara the Catepillar book that all of the guest signed!

Precious dress (with matching bib and burp cloth) made by Suzanne.

Clara's first swimsuit (purchased by her Aunt Leslie of course).  Perfect for the pool and our trip to the beach this summer.

Sweet dress....this girl will not be naked!

Baby Shower #2:
A surprise shower from my Bunco Group.  It was my month to host.  They showed up with cupcakes and gifts...and Ann and Nikki cleaned up my kitchen while I opened presents. It was a wonderful surprise!
A stack of clothes on the left with lots of goodies.  What you don't see is a huge bag of diapers from Kay that her grandkids outgrew.

Baby Shower #3:
Another surprise....this one was from the amazing people I work with. 

Cupcakes, punch, homemade mints, and presents! 
Little diapers made from napkins filled with "baby" themed mints; made by Kerry.  So cute!!!