Annual Trip to Wild Things Farm

I realize Ethan is only two, however we have managed to take pictures at Wild Things Farm each year, so technically it is our annual trip! These pictures are of Ethan at 1 month, 13 months and 2 years (or 25 months).

Good thing Grammy love us! We went to Wild Things Farm to take pictures, however Ethan jumped on the trailer and sat down right in the middle, ready to go on the hayride with a group of kids from Talihina. So the short trip for pictures, turned into an adventure...a hayride, petting horses, walking the corn maze, trying to catch a bee while taking pictures of the sunflowers, pumpkin chunking, picking pumpkins, making a new friend (she worked at the farm), kissing the pigs, feeding popcorn to the goats, chasing cats, and milking a "cow" was a fun filled morning.