I decided to make Ethan's Halloween costume this year; nothing seemed to be worth purchasing. So with some assistance from my sweet sister, we made a goldfish costume for Ethan. No, the idea was not mine, but I did make some additions.

Orange hoodie with orange cupcake liners.

Small paper plate.....

covered with orange felt - back fin.

Ping pong balls......

cut in half and colored with black marker - eyes.

White tights.....

dyed orange.

The side view.....

posing with his pumpkin.....

saying cheese!

Annual Trip to Wild Things Farm

I realize Ethan is only two, however we have managed to take pictures at Wild Things Farm each year, so technically it is our annual trip! These pictures are of Ethan at 1 month, 13 months and 2 years (or 25 months).

Good thing Grammy love us! We went to Wild Things Farm to take pictures, however Ethan jumped on the trailer and sat down right in the middle, ready to go on the hayride with a group of kids from Talihina. So the short trip for pictures, turned into an adventure...a hayride, petting horses, walking the corn maze, trying to catch a bee while taking pictures of the sunflowers, pumpkin chunking, picking pumpkins, making a new friend (she worked at the farm), kissing the pigs, feeding popcorn to the goats, chasing cats, and milking a "cow"...it was a fun filled morning.

Happy 2nd Birthday!

We celebrated Ethan's 2nd Birthday with a Pirate Party! Here are a few shots...

Front door sign!

One of two pirate ships.

Treasure chest ice chest.

Mini cupcakes and pirate cookies.

Blowing out the candles!

Eating cookies and cupcakes.
Treat bags, treasure maps, and crocodile clips!

Quick Update

Visiting the dentist

First haircut


Exploring the new house.

Playing in the ditch after the rain.

Foam pit at Cy's birthday party!

Trying out the new rain boots.

Trying to get the neighborhood cat to play.

Time Flies!

I envy all of you bloggers that have time to actually keep up to date. It has been almost a year since my last post. We have missed sharing so much with all of you. Lots of holidays, moving, and Ethan's constant activity. I'll try to be a little more diligent on the updates...but I can't promise anything.