Happy Fall!

From field trips and family pictures to welcoming a new addition, Fall is off to a wild and crazy start!

Wild Things Farm Field Trip

Coordinating Halloween pjs!
Fall pictures at Neumeier's Nursery.  Ethan didn't want Clara to sit with him, take pictures with him, NOTHING.  So this is as good as it gets!
Story Book Pumpkin
Students are asked to create a pumpkin based on one of their favorite books.  Since Ethan will read anything, I tried to steer him in a direction we could accomplish a decent representation of the book. 
Remember those uneventful pictures at Neumeier's Nursery, where Ethan didn't want anything to do with Clara....well she decided she didn't want anything to do with him during our Family picture session.  However, the fabulous Kim Bice managed to capture something!   
After pictures, ignoring all of us!
I went to OKC the night before the Te Family welcomed their new addition.  Mom and I took Wills to Pre-School and then headed to the hospital to welcome Ephram!  
Big Brother ready for school.
Baby Brother - 9 lbs and 11 oz.

 Leslie planned for Wills to be a donut, however he had other ideas. Not one to give up easily (either of us), I brought the donut home and took pictures of Ethan with it on.  Then shipped the donut back to OKC.  Wills is a big fan of Ethan, so the thought was if Ethan is wearing it, Wills will wear it.  THINK AGAIN! 

Ethan's class celebrated Halloween at school with a costume party.  Since Ethan's costume is so bulky, we went for a skeleton shirt and mask instead.
Tasty treats for Ethan's class party and Clara to share with her friends at Tata's house.
Halloween Time....Clara the Peacock....

...and Ethan the robot!
And lastly, one picture of Ethan and I acting silly.....just for FUN!