Snow Daze

We just returned to school from Thanksgiving Break (5 days off) for 3 days....and then out for 2 SNOW days.  Technically we only needed one of those days for snow...Thursday was just yucky and fun stuff.  However, we woke up Friday morning to a Winter Wonderland. 

Dressed in our Cuddl Duds (or at least the kids).

Ethan - ready to go! 

Clara (Yes, she is under there.) 

Snow Angel 

Fun with Daddy! 

She was fine until she managed to get her glove off and then it was all over! 

This was a few days later.  The snow wasn't great for making a snow man, but Ethan and Daddy made it work.  I was in charge of hunting down a corn cob pipe (pipe cleaner shaped into a pipe), eyes (buttons), and a nose (baby carrot). 

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