Busy Saturday....

Mom and I took Ethan to the Heritage Festival downtown Fort Smith. 
Taking a picture in the Stagecoach. 

Hugging his price from the Fishing Pond.  One of the local Girl Scout Troops sponsored games at IC church.

Riding the bus on our tour of downtown.

Talking to...and feeding the camel at the petting zoo at Pendergraft Park. 

Talking on the phone at the Fort Smith Museum of History.

Riding in a covered wagon with Grammy.

After a lunch, a nap, and daddy's return from golf, we went to see the DINOSAURS!!  The event took place at the Phoenix Expo Center. 
 I don't know what kind of dinosaur this is, but I'm sure Ethan can tell you.

 Pretending to be eaten by a T-Rex!

Riding another T-Rex.


  1. I bet he was in heaven with all those dinosaurs!

  2. What a darling family WOW, cute blog!